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Good Fish - salmon

How to debeard, clean and store mussels


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"Can you kill a mussel by de-bearding it? I swear I start with all the dead ones culled and after debearding 4-6 more are dead. Love the book and website!" - Karen Dinicola, 8/17/2012
Good Fish Response: Hi Karen: Yes, debearding will kill the mussel which is the reason why I recommend debearding the mussels just prior to cooking them. -Becky

"I thought I was the only person on earth who had a warped nylon cutting board, exactly like the one being used by Becky in the videos. I love that cutting board, despite the fact that it's only effective when the hump faces upward. :-)" - Bruce, 9/19/2011
Good Fish Response: ha --- yes, very important to cut hump-up. -Becky

"Thank you!" - Gisela Sandoval, 6/6/2011

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